Friday, January 14, 2011

UCR vs UCSC vs Cal Poly Pomona vs Cal Poly SLO vs San Jose State for Computer Science?

UCR vs UCSC vs Cal Poly Pomona vs Cal Poly SLO vs San Jose State for Computer Science?
would you guys decide on a school based on this information for computer science major?? UCSC -,_Santa_Cruz_(UCSC)/Salary UCR -,_Riverside_(UCR)/Salary Cal Poly Pomona -,_Pomona/Salary Cal Poly SLO -,_San_Luis_Obispo_(CalPoly)/Salary San Jose State - So.. apparently, UCSC graduates get paid the most in the field of computer science major. So the ranking for getting paid goes: 1. UCSC 2. UCR 3. Cal Poly Pomona 4. Cal Poly SLO 5. San Jose State I have heard that Cal Poly SLO has the strongest engineering program among these schools. But I somehow got this information from my friend and my friend told me to go to UCSC instead for computer science program.... but what do you guys think?? I believe this is not necessarily true. Do you guys think this is true?? Are UC schools really more respected than those CSU schools?
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UC schools are more difficult to get into than CSU schools. You can look on their websites and see the stats of those who are accepted and you will see that this is so. That being said, both Cal Polys are highly respected and considered the best of the CSU's with SLO being slightly ahead of Pomona. However, all of these schools are good schools. It is difficult to get accepted into their computer science and engineering programs. I would apply to all and see where you are accepted as you may not get into all of them. It will not make that large a difference in your future pay if you go to any one of them. By the way, the areas around UCSC and SLO are nicer than UCR, Pomona and San Jose. Good luck where ever you go!